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You have built a great product...

...It's time to show it to the world!

$0 -> $1M ARR in less than 12 months!

1 in 700 startups makes it.

71% of startups FAIL because they never reach product-market fit.


Because they have a GREAT product, but they don’t know how to efficiently present that product to the market so users understand, buy, and ♥ the product.

What do companies that make it have in common?

Selling your product IS NOT actually about your product.

  • Apple doesn’t sell the best phones in the world. Yet they are doing great.
  • McDonald’s doesn’t make the best hamburgers. Yet they are a HUGE corporation.
  • Tesla’s cars are burning on the highways. The company is doing great.

You know what I love about those companies? It’s not their product.

It’s how they present that product to the market.

$0 - $1M is not about your product.

It's how you present your product to the market 🚀

Product-Positioning Accelerator at a glance:

✔ – A clear understanding of why your product isn’t getting the sales

✔ – A 7-step system to attract & convert more clients

✔ – A framework to niche down and align your team towards growth

✔ – A clear way to stand out in a crowded market

✔ – A system that 10x-ed my and my clients’ revenue within the first month

You see, the issue is not your product. You have a great product. The issue is in how you are presenting your product.

When I first stumbled across product positioning and decided to implement the theory on my startup, we immediately lowered the cost of user acquisition by 52% and doubled our costumer base.

Amazed by the results, I started looking into positioning a lot more. Who else has positioning problems? how do they tackle them?

Through years of research, I found that there is one thing that separates startups with traction to startups who really make it. And it’s how they present the product to the audience.

I created, tested and applied the framework on my company and several early-stage startups.

With the last client, we managed to 10x their revenue within the first 3 months of working together. Why? Because I have my frameworks, exercises, and tools that helped me build my product-market fit.

And now I decided to share the secrets with you.

Start with Product positioning accelerator – a free, 7-day email course to show you how you can boost your product’s success and give you the tools, templates & exercise to carry it out.

Want everyone to rave about your product?...

...It's time to show users the real value of your product!

10x your revenue in the space of a few months.

Build traction vc's won't be able to ignore!

It's free.

Ask yourself:

  • Could your product be doing better?
  • Do you have problems attracting the right audience?
  • Do people not respond to your marketing campaigns?
  • Do people not respond to your email campaigns?
  • Do you have problems converting leads into customers?

I’ve got news for you:

Your product isn’t the problem.

The problem is that your clients don’t understand the value of your product.

People immediately understanding what kind of problem you are solving, immediately understanding the value of your product and being prepared to pay for that value – that’s the holy grail of startups, isn’t it? It’s the product-market fit. You can’t scale without product-market fit. And twithout the right tools, the road to product-market fit is a long one.

What you are getting in Product Positioning Accelerator for free:

✔ – A clear understanding of why your product isn’t getting the sales it deserves

✔ – A 7-step system to attract more clients and improve your conversion rates

✔ – A tangible framework to niche down and align your team towards one goal – growth

✔ – A clear way to stand out in a crowded market

✔ – A framework that 10x-ed my and my client’s revenue within the first month

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Saved our startup
"Andrej was an amazing consultant and guide throughout our process of optimizing the retention rates in our product. Initially, we thought we had a retention problem, but Andrej helped us identify the root cause for this problem, and offered a framework and strategies how to start fixing this. I would even say that he could have potentially saved our startup. He is driven by his passion for helping startups and companies. He was always proactive and available when needed. We are definitely planning to work with him in the future."
Founder, Elia


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