Your Positioning Authority is: Sub par

Looks like your positioning still needs some work.

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Positioning Authority

Your Positioning Authority is: Sub par

Looks like your positioning still needs some work. Watch the video, start making long-term gains and unlock the backdoor to your success.


Positioning Authority Stages

Positioning Authority Stages

Poor Positioning Symptoms

Poor positioning is like an anchor holding you back. It hurts your marketing efforts, it stalls your sales, and cripples your growth.

I get it. I have been there.

Your marketing isn’t working, your sales are crap, you can’t attract enough clients, you are getting the wrong people into your product, customers who then don’t convert, leaving you miserable. Your mini products don’t work, your lead magnets aren’t getting used. You are putting yourself out there, but you fail.

Time and time again.

The biggest issue? Positioning problems often hide and only show up as marketing or sales problems. It’s easy to miss them, but if you dig deep, here are the symptoms you will find:

Poor conversions

Your company has a long sales process and low conversion rates.

Price objections

Potential clients often tell you your prices are too high.

Poor understanding

You have clients who love you, but new leads don’t understand what you do.


Your have high product churn – customer are leaving you.

Poor activation

Users don't engage with your product or leave in the onboarding.

Poor engagement

People don't engage with your social media posts. Your posts get small amount of likes or comments.

I help you nail your positioning!

Sustainable growth requires strong foundations

Can we grow without nailing our positioning? YES.

But only until you hit an invisible ceiling, the growth stops, and you don’t know how to fix it or what went wrong.

Building a company is similar to building a house. You need strong foundations to support the structure. The bigger you want your company to be, the stronger your foundations need to be to support that size.

Trying to build your company and ignoring the foundations will work for a while, until you hit problems, because you skipped steps in the beginning. And don’t worry, we all skip steps. I worked with companies who couldn’t break the $200k/year revenue. And companies who couldn’t break the $50M/year revenue ceiling.

Both companies had similar issues. Their teams were misaligned, they didn’t know the transformation they were selling to their customers, they couldn’t write a killer value proposition to attract their clients, because they didn’t know what the real value of their product is.

All because they failed to build strong foundations.

The power of a strong positioning

Strong positioning feels like an invisible hand giving you a helpful push. It feels like you unlocked some backdoor secret to success, helping you get more clients, helping them see your value, and helping them become your fans.

More specifically, here is what strong positioning brings to your company:

Improved conversions

When you know what your customer needs & wants, it's easy to give them the right context to convert into paying customers.

Higher prices

Focus, specialization calls for high prices. Because you have a strong problem-solution fit, you can charge higher prices customers are willing to pay.


People just 'get' your product. You know what to tell the so they understand the value you are providing.

Higher retention

Because you speak their language, customers don't just become happy clients. They become your fans. And fans stay with you forever, improving your life time value.

High activation

You give users the right context, which helps you turn them into active users of your product. Active users are an important metric that help you measure your product's success and attract VC investments.

High engagement

People understand the problem you are solving, they love your story, and appreciate what you to. And that leads them to engaging with your social media posts, with your ads, with your product.

Results require focus and commitment

Positioning isn’t for everyone.

If you are a company competing on price and margins, if you are trying to win clients giving out discounts, then positioning probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Nothing wrong with your approach, it’s just that positioning is based on building a strong, powerful brand on benefits your customers value. Competing on price, offering discounts, discredits your product, making positioning useless to you, because nobody will trust you 100% believe in your product if you are giving it away for free.

Positioning is also not a quick fix. Positioning isn’t a secret sauce or a magic pill. It takes hard work and commitment.

Strong positioning works best for:

Founders on a mission

Positioning best helps founders with strong visions, who are ready to share their story with their audience.

Ethical marketers

Positioning works great for marketers who know results take time, focus, and commitment.

Hard-working solopreneurs

Positioning is perfect for solo brands who are ready to take the next step, but are stuck at $20-50k per year.

The offer

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The Results

Here are just some of the results from companies I worked with and have been using my systems & tools.

Your results from strong positioning will show in lower cost of user acquisttion, in higher retention rates, people will love to use your product, open and read your emails, which will lead to higher revenues.

+ 0 %
Nett revenue increase
- 100 %
Cost of user acquisition
+ 0 %
Improved conversions
+ 0 %
Average open rate
+ 0 %
Average validation rate
+ 0 %
Click-through rate
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