Build product-market fit and 🚀

86 questions to determine your P-MF and scale your tech startup.

Customers not responding to your efforts?

Your marketing isn’t working, leads cost you too much money, the conversions aren’t happening, people aren’t responding to you posts, mini products, lead magnets.

You don’t “have” product-market fit.

When building a startup there are so many variables, it’s difficult to get everything right the first time.

Product-market fit requires focus

You can’t attract, convert, and retain customers because you don’t have product-market fit. You are missing something. You are not sure what, but there is something that’s not working.

I’ve spent 8 years helping early stage startups build product-market fit & scale. I have assembled 86 questions that will help you pinpoint the exact problem with your product.

And scale.

Grow your startup from a template

Product-market fit checklist is a template of 86 questions that will help you understand what’s missing, why you are not achieving product-market fit, and what you need to focus on to scale.

Categories Covered

1: Target Audience and Problem Identification

Who are you targeting & what's the problem they care about you are solving?

2. Value Proposition & Differentiation

Can you attract the target audience with a message they care about and will differentiate you from the competition?

3. Product Usage & Engagement

How do your in-product metrics look like? Are users engaging with the product?

4. Customer Feedback & Satisfaction

What kind of feedback are you getting and who is leaving that feedback?

5. Retention & Churn

Are users satisfied with your product or are they churning?

6. Pricing & Revenue

Are you getting the most money out of your product or are you leaving money on the table?

7. Growth & Scalability

Is your model scalable? Are your systems scalable?

8. Market Size & Expansion

How big is the market you are addressing and what are the specific challenges of the market?

9. Competitive Landscape

Can you map your competitors? What are their strengths & weaknesses? Do you stand out from the crowd?

10. Team & Resources

What are the assets you have in the company & can the team deliver?

11. Marketing & Outreach

Does your marketing work and what are the KPIs you should follow?

12. User Onboarding

Does your onboarding work or are people dropping off in the funnel?

13. Technology & Infrastructure

Do you have your systems in place, is your product bug-free?

14. Customer Support & Service

What kind of support do your customers need and can you afford to offer it?

"Andrej was an amazing consultant and guide throughout our process of optimizing the retention rates in our product. Initially, we thought we had a retention problem, but Andrej helped us identify the root cause for this problem, and offered a framework and strategies how to start fixing this. I would even say that he could have potentially saved our startup. He is driven by his passion for helping startups and companies. He was always proactive and available when needed. We are definitely planning to work with him in the future."
Founder, Elia
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