Write a killer value proposition

A simple exercise to find your product’s value and write a unique value proposition

Customers not responding to your efforts?

Your marketing isn’t working, leads cost you too much money, the conversions aren’t happening, people aren’t responding to you posts, mini products, lead magnets.

I get it. I have been there.

You need a way to attract the right customers into your product. That’s why you are here. Let me give you that way, let me share my technique.

Product-market fit requires focus and clear messaging

People don’t respond to your product because your messages aren’t triggering their response. No, I don’t mean you should be more controversial or louder. People respond when we are super-specific with the problems we can solve for them.

The goal of the exercise below is to find a set of values you can then use to write a killer value proposition; a promise to your best-fit customers that will make them respond to your social media posts, to your ads, to your product.

Start answering the questions, by clicking on the “START” button below.

Answer honestly, your company’s future depends on in.

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A killer value proposition

How an UVP can transform your business

Attract the right customers

A unique value proposition is a promise you make which attracts your best-fit customers.

Improve social media

The specific messaging resonates with your audience, which makes them respond.

Stand out

A killer value proposition makes you stand out in a crowded market.

Be understood

Your value proposition helps your customers understand the value of your product.

Improve product KPIs

You know what to say to your customers, so they are more willing to use your product.

Improve conversions

All other benefits results in a much higher chance of conversion, leading to improved sales.

Write a killer UVP... Later

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